Machine Learning

December 1st, 2016

From my perspective, machine learning will be the most powerful AI in the future, because as we can see right now machine learning is so effective and also helping people, Many programmer right now learn how to build a machine learning using AI concept, because many company need machine learning. I always imagine that in the future everything will be manage by machines and robots, beside machine work fast it also work perfectly and that is what people search.

My opinion that machine learning has good and bad impact. For good impact I already mention it that machine learning will help people. I have example of machine learning that help doctor improve read medical image that this technology will quickly scan medical image and prioritize abnormal result, allowing doctor to spend their time on the more difficult cases. The machine would also provide a check one human error. For bad impact is imagine that everything will use machines and robots, how about the human? where will they work when everything is use machines robots? I still can’t imagine that and I don’t know the solution. Another example of machine learning is :

  1. Facebook “People you might know” or friend suggestion. It help people to see other friend’s friend that have similar friend.
  2. Facebook Ads ranking : various events prediction, like CTR, negative feedback, conversion.

I like to build application like “Jarvis” in “Iron man” film because it will help me people help very much, help people work, decrease activity, also easy to use. Example like someone have many schedule and activities but the time gap is not much, this application will help people organize my schedule and arrange it and will announce or notify people what to do according to schedule, beside that this application is a computer that can talk to human like a real human and will be easy to coordinate with. Right now we have “cortana” in windows or “siri” in apple but it can be upgraded into powerful machine learning like “Jarvis”.

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